Hi, I'm Kathleen — a product designer with a cognitive science background.

Smartcar Connect

Smartcar Connect is the interface that enables customers’ users to link their vehicles to an app. The goal of this initial redesign was to make the user experience faster and more seamless. To facilitate easier navigation, I refreshed the visual style of the entire flow and designed new paths to help our customers simplify the process for their users. I also focused on cases outside of the happy path, including helping vehicle owners discover whether their vehicle is compatible and create a connected services account. Read more about the redesign

Smartcar dashboard onboarding

I designed an onboarding flow in the developer dashboard to improve the initial experience of using Smartcar’s platform and increase the number of signups that result in an active user. The onboarding experience begins with a short survey to direct developers to a language-specific guide and install an SDK. After that, a 5-step checklist walks developers through retrieving their app credentials to making a first API request to a vehicle. A series of re-engagement emails are also sent out to encourage developers to complete the process.

Smartcar scheduled webhooks

Some of Smartcar’s customers wanted the ability to make requests on their own instead of having a vehicle owner initiate API requests from their app. For example, auto insurance customers wanted to retrieve their policyholders' vehicle odometer reading on a monthly basis. With scheduled webhooks, customers can automatically retrieve data from vehicles and have it sent to a URL on a scheduled basis. While it was the most technically complex feature in the API, I aimed to make the experience of creating and managing webhooks as easy as possible in the developer dashboard. Read the announcement blog post

Smartcar marketing site

I crafted a new visual system and refreshed the marketing site and to communicate Smartcar's mission of "empowering developers to build the future of mobility" in a more inspiring and approachable way. The previous version of the homepage was inaccessible to audiences with non-technical backgrounds and difficult to scale to the product. I aimed to create a brand identity that felt empowering, relatable, trustworthy, and polished. Check out the site or read more about the refresh

Coinbase clawbacks

In the summer of 2018, I was the first design intern at Coinbase where I worked on the Consumer product. One of my largest projects was a redesign of the clawback experience to increase the number of users who pay back the funds they owe. In the original flow, users aren’t given information on why they have restrictions on their account, what their next steps are, or when the clawback process will begin. I designed a new experience for users in the clawback state to make the self-recovery process more transparent.